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Scholar’s Advice: How to achieve a good balance between study and life in Australia

Posted: 14 February 2024

Gender equality, Scholar experience, Social inclusion,

Nay Lin Htike is currently studying Master of Arts (Women’s and Gender Studies) at Flinders University in Adelaide. The scholar has extensive experience in the field of human rights and has been passionately advocating for the inclusion of the LGBTIQA+ community in Myanmar. Studying in Australia has given him the opportunity to deepen his knowledge in gender studies, advance his professional skills and support the LGBTIQA+ community which he is part of.

Nay Lin Htike has managed to maintain a good balance between his study and social life in Australia and at the same time, paved the way for his career development by looking out for new opportunities where possible.

He emphasizes, “Study is important but to also join other extra-curricular activities”.

Nay Lin Htike maintains good connection with fellow Myanmar scholars and often shares relevant information during social gatherings and events. He is also taking part in the leadership program implemented under the Australian Government’s Mekong Australia Partnership (MAP) program. To apply the new learning and experience, he is working as a part-time consultant providing training to local organisations working for the inclusion of LGBTIQA+ community in Myanmar.

He has been selected as one of the participants to attend the Human Rights Defender Forum supported by the Carter Center in the United States. He learned about this opportunity via LinkedIn, applied and went through a competitive selection process. His dedication to human rights combined with over ten years of relevant work experience distinguished him from an exceptional pool of applicants from around the world. Due to the deteriorating situation in the Middle East and its impact on global operations, the forum has been postponed until next year. When the forum resumes, he anticipates sharing his insights and having opportunities to

  • network with other fellow participants from around the world and exchange best practices
  • share with the international community about human rights violation cases occurring in Myanmar on behalf of Myanmar citizens
  • acquire new learning and experience that can be applied to his study.

With the opportunities gained from the forum, he believes he will be able to excel in his study and contribute back to his homeland to promote human rights and inclusion for LGBTIQA+ community in Myanmar.

Nay Lin Htike believes having a healthy balance between academic study and personal lives on scholarship in Australia is crucial because it allows scholars to apply their new learning into daily activities and gain new experience. He strongly recommends other fellow Myanmar scholars to manage their time efficiently and encourages them to participate in networking events with international students, explore new opportunities and seek support when needed. Last but not least, he highly encourages scholars to stay alert for new opportunities and make the most of their experience in Australia!