A journey of a lifetime

Studying in Australia is a fantastic way to further your education and enhance your career prospects. You will gain insight into Australian culture while completing your studies. You will develop new professional networks and friendships, forming lifelong connections.

Australia is a popular destination for study, and it’s easy to see why. Australia has diverse landscapes ranging from thriving cities to vast open spaces and spectacular natural environments. Australian people are friendly and welcoming, and represent a wide variety of nationalities and cultures. Australian cities are also some of the most liveable in the world for students, with open and safe streets and public spaces.

Australia is a world leader in education, ranking highly for quality of education, student satisfaction, and global reputation. Six Australian universities are currently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. Australian graduates have been global leaders in research and development and have made a profound impact on the world through inventions such as Wi-Fi, penicillin and the black box flight recorder.

By studying in Australia, you will receive a qualification that will enhance your career prospects and a strong bond with Australia that will last a lifetime.

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Support in Australia

As an Australia Awards recipient, you will be supported to have positive experiences and interactions in Australia.

This support includes:

  • an introductory academic program when you first arrive in Australia
  • access to ongoing support services
  • professional development opportunities
  • enabling personal and professional linkages
  • reintegration planning for your return to Myanmar.

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